Laboratory of experimental research models


to examine the effects of treatment with different food supplements and active substances in order to get information’s about biochemical plasma parameters, phospholipids fatty acids profiles in tissues and plasma and oxidative stress parameters.


  • Examinations of biochemical parameters in plasma such as cholesterol, tryglicerides, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, AST, ALT, urea, creatinine were done on biochemical spectrofotometric analyzer, (c-111, Roche, Swiss)
  • Fatty acids phospholipids’ profiles of erythrocytes, plasma or tissues (such as liver) were examined by GC chromatography (GC, Shimadzu), after isolation of phospholipids from other classes of lipids (TLC chromatography) using Silicagel GF (Merck, Darmstadt, Germany) and methylation processes. On that way fatty acids become esters and being identified comparing with chromatograms of fatty acids standards ( Sigma, Chemical Co St Louis, USA) or PUFA standards (Supelco Ins., Belleforte, PA, USA) (Folch, 1958)
  • Activity of enzymes of oxidative stress such as Catalase ((Aebi,1984) or Superoxide-dismutase ((Fridovich,1971), were examined spectrofotometricaly as well as MDA concentration (Cynamon, 1985), thiol group measurement (Ellman, 1959), paraoxonase activity (Schiavon, 1996) and concentration of nitrites (ELISA)
  • LDH isoforms in plasma was analised with native electrophoresis in 7% PAG. Intensity of bands of LDH isoforms were measured densitometricaly (Scion Image Beta 4.02 software (scion corp., 2007).

Established experimental models:

Model of aging (Wistar rats 22 months)
  • Effects of fish oil treatment in aging were examined in changes of biochemical parameters, parameters of oxidative stress as well as fatty acids profiles of phospholipids in tissues (liver), plasma and erythrocytes; there were differences comparing results between young and aged Wistar rats and also between correlated parameters.
  • Effects of n-3 fatty acids is followed with low and high doses of folates on the mentioned parameters. For now experiment were done on 3 months old Wistar rats.
  • Experiment which are followed would be with aged rats in same experimental conditions and examined parameters.


  • Serbian national project of Ministry of Science Republic of Serbia III41030, FOLOMEGA
  • Collaboration established with Medicine faculty in Belgrade as well as with Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade.

Dr Maria Glibetic




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