In Memoriam – Dr Marija Glibetić (1958-2023)

“After returning from abroad in 2005, I accepted a small group of researchers (8) from the Nutrition Group of the Institute from Medical Research. These young people revealed their value and relentless dedication, along with the capacity to establish and make grow what appears almost impossible in our circumstances. Our initial group was quickly transformed. It was extended through the addition of twelve new researchers and has become a leader in the field of Nutrition and Health, both within Serbia and in the region. Our hard work and scientific contributions were recognized by the European Union, which has been awarding our Group an increasing number of projects through the European Commission. In addition, we constantly participate in numerous bilateral agreements, projects associated with the medicine, food and agriculture sector, and in other relevant projects and events. These activities have allowed our researches to individually gain more independence, with the aim to become leading researchers in the field. The Serbian Ministry of Science has recognized this in 2010, and has awarded the Group for Nutrition the title, a Center of Excellence.
There is potential, quality and enthusiasm in Serbia. We must recognize especially these capacities in our youth, foster them, give them a chance to be realized. Excellence can be accomplished, despite challenging conditions, when there is willingness to see and to accomplish.
I thank my colleagues and young researches for their dedication to make our Center of Excellence a place of dedicated research and a valuable asset to society at large.”
Dr Marija Glibetic, chair of Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism (2005 – 2023)

Dr Maria Glibetic




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