Group for Nutritional Biochemistry and Dietology (NBD)

The Group for Nutritional Biochemistry and Dietology (NBD) is the youngest group of the Institute for Medical Research of the University of Belgrade, officially formed in September 2020. The group is а part of the Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism. The main subject of scientific research work of the NBD Group is the measurement of nutritional status, nutritional biomarkers and investigation of changes in parameters of lipid status, inflammation, and oxidative stress in pathological conditions, as well as the effects of certain nutrients (fatty acids and polyphenols) on these parameters. Fatty acids have a wide range of biochemical roles in the body and among the most important are their pro- and anti-inflammatory effects. The ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the diet can significantly affect inflammatory processes in the body, low-grade systemic inflammation, which underlies many chronic non-communicable diseases. On the other hand, polyphenols are the most powerful natural antioxidants, also important in the prevention and treatment of the most common diseases today.

To comprehensively examine changes in lipid metabolism in chronic systemic inflammation (including obesity, rheumatic, cardiovascular, and malignancies), the NBD Group is expanding research into the field of lipidomics. For the realization of these researches, cooperations have been established with relevant laboratories abroad. In cooperation with the Clinical Hospital Centers in Serbia, the NBD Group conducts nutritional intervention studies that include cancer patients (with hematological malignancies, lung and breast cancer) and patients with chronic kidney disease. Modulation of the diet in nutritional therapy of obesity, which is reaching epidemic proportions in our country and globally, is also one of the basic research goals. Furthermore, there is a Nutrition Counselling Center within the NBD Group.

The Group for Nutritional Biochemistry and Dietology has developed an animal model of metabolic syndrome and hyperlipidemia, for studies on the influence of various phytochemicals on insulin resistance and lipid metabolism disorders. The emphasis is cold-pressed juices typical for our area, rich in polyphenols, which opens opportunities for future cooperation with industry

Dr Maria Glibetic




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