Capacity Development Network in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe, CAPNUTRA


Network Coordinators: Prof. Mirjana Gurinovic,
and Prof. Maria Glibetic,
Registered address at Trnska 3, Belgrade, 11000 Serbia

Website administrator: MSc Marija Ranic, email:
History: In 2005, Budapest (Hungary) by United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN) and the United Nations University (UNU) was established Network for Capacity Development in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe (UNU/SCN NCDNCEE). A follow-up of NCDNCEE launched as CAPNUTRA in 2013.


  •  The general aim is support capacity development (CD) activities in the CEE area on developing research, training and dissemination in public nutrition based on country specific needs in CEE and West Balkan countries, working towards the enhancement of individual, institutional and organizational capacity in food and nutrition.
  •  Identify follow-up activities within food, health and nutritional challenges in order to facilitate the initiatives of the CAPNUTRA in the field of capacity development in the region.
  • Development of the first regional –Balkan Food Composition data base (FCDB) with EC FP7 project EuroFIR-Nexus in collaboration with CAPNUTRA
  •  Nutritional training, exchange of information and cooperation with other European and international networks and associations


Checkout the pictures from the CAPNUTRA 1st Sypmosium, January 2013


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