Tamara B. Popović, PhD, Senior Research Associate


Name: Tamara B.
Surname: Popović
Addresss: Vojislava ilića 13/16
Place of birth: Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Phone : +381 11 3809018
Mob. phone: +381 603048919
e-mail: poptam@gmail.com
Date and place of birth: 1972/03/19, Belgrade, Serbia
Nationality: serbian

Professional Career

1999-2005 Institute for medical research University of Belgrade, Researcher, Laboratory for cardiovascular physiology
2005-2006 Institute for medical research University of Belgrade, Research associate, Laboratory for cardiovascular physiology
2007-2012 Institute for medical research University of Belgrade, Assistent Research Professor, Laboratory for food and metabolism
2012- Institute for medical research University of Belgrade, Assistent Research Professor, Laboratory for food and metabolism


1999. Faculty of Chemistry University of Belgrade, BSc biochemist
2002. Specialization in biochemistry (Effect of endotheline and L-NAME (N-nitro-L-arginin-metil ester) on regulation of vascular tonus.
2002-2005. Master in biochemical sciences, Faculty of Chemistry University of Belgrade („Effect of FeSOD on chemodinamical, biochemical and parameters of oxidative stress in SH rats“)
2009-2012 PhD studies
2012- PhD in biochemical sciences, Faculty of Chemistry University of Belgrade („Fatty acids profiles of phospholipids and oxidative stress parameters in blood and liver in Wistar rats treated with fish oil“)
TAMARA B. POPOVIĆ, PhD, PhD in biochemistry, Assistent Research Professor, specialization in biochemistry. At the beggining of career, basic studies are in cardiovascular physiology, free radical mechanisms and role of antioxidants in cardiovascular system and experimental model of hypertension. Now, field of research is basicaly in nutrition and metabolism and food and feed research. Role of fatty acids in phospholipids of plasma, and tissues, role of lipids and and its fractions in helath population as well as in patological conditions and diseases are the basic focus of studies. PhD theses is focused on experimental model of aging and role of n-3 fatty acids and its supplementation. PhD theses is focused on oxidative stress parameters, as well as fatty acids profiles of plasma and lever phospholipids. Dr Popovic is participating on scientific conferences, congreses and simposia in country and abroad. She is and author or co-author in 60 publications, articles, abstarcts from congreses, proceedings in national and international scientific journals.


– FEPS (Federal European Physiological Society)
– FEBS (Federal European biochemical Society)
-SHD (Serbian Chemical Society)
-Serbian Society for mitochondrial and free-radical physiology

Sertificates and Licenses

√ sertificate of course „Rekombinant DNA technology and protein expression“, Romania, Bukurest, 2003 ( FEBS member and fellowship)
√ sertificate of course „Free-radical mechanism in patophisiological conditions“, Greece, Spetsses, 2004. ( FEBS member and fellowship)
√ XV Congress of Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation, Antalya, Turkey, 2007
√ First congress of dietetic supplements with international participation, Belgrade, Serbia, 2007
√ Nutrition, treatment and CV risk magement, NS, Serbia, 2007 (UEMS-EACEME CREDIT Certificate)
√ Eurreca week 2008, 9-13 June Hotel Maestral, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro (-Workshop on biomarkers of micronutrient status,-Science and SME-s forum –Activity IA2, -Training –Avoiding death by Power Point.-Integreting Meeting 2)
√ 4th Meeting of UNU/SNC Network for Capacity Development in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe + Capacity development Eurreca training workshop for Non-Eurreca members (November, Belgrade, 2008)
√ Food composition database management system, Eurofir meeting Belgrade, februar 9-10, 2008
√ 3rd EuroFIR Network Meeting sept, 2009, Prague, Czech Republik
√ Diabetes and CVD (EASD Study group) 3rd annual meeting, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
√ Second congress of Endocrinology in Serbia with international participation, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
√ 10th Congress of the Croatian Society of biochemistry and molecular biology, Opatija, Croatia, 2010
√ DSP chromatography workshop: qPCR workshop, Torlak, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
√ DSP chromatography: Tips amd Tricks Seminar, hotel M, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
√ 1st FCUMBERA workshop Food Safety and Health effects of food, Belgrade, Serbia, 2011.

License recorded as Intellectual property dr Tamare Popovic (M90 category)
1.Šimurina, Olivera, Sakač, Marijana, Sedej, Ivana, Psodorov, Đ., Mandić, Anamarija, Mišan, Aleksandra, Pestorić, Mladenka, Tadić, Vanja, Đurenduć-Brenesel, Maja, Pilija, V., Milić, M., Popović, Tamara, Arsić, Aleksandra, Arsić, Ivana: Hleb sa lanenim semenom i biljnom mešavinom za poboljšanje metabolizma i regulisanja telesne težine, br. 52819, 01.11.2013 (P-2009/0141, Intellectual property (Zavod za intelektualnu svojinu, 31.03.2009.))


English, Franch

Participation in Goverment Projects of Ministary of Science of Serbia

• Eksperimental models in examination of patophysiological mechanisms in cardiovascular i nephrological diseases (MNTRS br. 1756) (2001-2005)
• Role of biological activated molecules in experimental models in cardiovascular diseases (MNTRS 145054) (2005-2006 )
• Development of new therapeutic methods in prevention and treatment of liver diseases – role and mechanism of polyunsaturated fatty acids (MNTRS 145071) (decembar 2006-2010)
• Biological mechanisms, nutritional intake and status of PUFA and folates: Improvment of food in Serbia (MNTRS III41030) (2011-2014)
• Functional products on the basis of grain designed for persons with metabolic disorders (TR 31029-6) (2011-2014)
Evropski projekti FP6:
• European Food Information Resource network (EuroFIR)
• EURopean micronutrient RECommendations Aligned (EURRECA) FP6-036196-2
International cooperation
• Dr Tamara Popović is participant in two International projects OP6.
1. From january 2008. she is participant in FP6 project EURRECA Network of Excellence (EURopean micronutrient REComendation Alignment) financed by European Commision, FP6, Contract number 036196. As a result of this cooperation two paper for publication were planned and one was published in march 2014.

• In international cooperation she work on Eurreca project and specialized in several courses:
♦ Micronutrient Bioavailability: Priorities and challenges for setting dietary reference values. Joint Workshop hosted by EURRECA and the ILSI Europe Addition of Nutrients to Food Task Force. 11-12 June 2009, Barcelona, Spain.
♦ EURRECA SoE/IA2 Media Training: Nutrition Software. 11 June, 2009 Barcelona, Spain.
♦ EURRECA RA2 Workshop Data extraction for narrative reviews and meta-analysis, 10 June 2009, Barcelona, Spain
♦ EURRECA WEEK, 9-13 June 2008, Training-Systematic Reviews-Workshop on biomarkers of Micronutrient status http://www.eurreca.com 10 june, Budva, Montenegro.
2. Second project in which dr Tamara Popović was engaged was EuroFIR, FP6 Project Frame (2006-2009). She participate in creation of Serbian food composition database of the most used groceries in Serbia- Food composition database (FCDB) is Serbia.

Organisation of scientific meetings

Dr Tamara Popović was organized two International Congress as a part of activity of Laboratory group she is working in, Laboratory for food and metabolism of Institute for medical research University in Belgrade:
♦ Eurreca week 2008, 9-13 june, 2008, Budva Montenegro
♦ 4th meeting of the UNU/SCN Network for Capacity Development in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe (NCDNCEE), NCDNCEE and EURRECA training workshop about Grey Literature, 10-12 November 2008, Belgrade, Serbia

Achived cooperation with Hospitals and Institutes in Belgrade and Serbia

-Clinic of Nephrology, Clinical Senter of Serbia, KCS(2000-2005)
-First Sugical Clinic, Clinical Senter of Serbia, KCS (2006-2009)
-Department of endocrinology and nephrology, Clinical Hospital Center, KBC Zemun (2006- 2014 )
– Institute for pathophysiology Medical Faculty Univesity of Belgrade and its collaboration was of greate significance during PhD theses dr Tamare Popović. (2009- 2014 )
-Institute of Food Tehnologies Novi Sad (FINS) (2010-2014)

Originalnost i značaj istraživanja i naučnog rada dr Tamare Popović

Published papers of dr Tamare Popović in international scientific journals and its citation in leading scientific international journals indicate on author contribution in cardiovascular physiology, nephrology and nutrition and metabolism in various conditions and diseases. Treatments with dietetic supplements in physiological and pathophysiological conditions in human studies and experimental models, resulted also in published papers of inetrnational scientific significance, which also indicate actuality of issues of posistive effects in omega-3 treatment in Serbia and abroad.
Dr Tamara Popović, in her fundamental research of role and effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as changes in fatty acids phospholipids profiles of plasma and tissues in aging, with following parameters of antioxidative defence in aging and analizing its connection showed that she is succesful and creative researcher with multidisciplinary access. In originality of results and its wide open perspectives for further studies, the results of dr Tamare Popović, PhD of biochemical sciences, in actual areas of nutrition research, metabolism, cardiovascular physiology, nephrology and hepatology could be classified in original articles with significant contribution in biochemical and biomedicine sciences.

Bibliografical data dr Tamare Popović

Published scientific articles:
Radovi dr Tamare Popović, od međunarodnog značaja, do sada su citirani 20 puta u vodećim međunarodnim časopisima bez autocitata. (Web of Science Citation Index do 2012).
• The effects of endothelin and L-NAME on plasma uric acid and urea concentration in Wistar rats, Popović Tamara, Jovović Djurdjica, Miloradović Z, Mihailović-Stanojević Nevena and Spasić M., Institute for medical research, Serbia and Montenegro, Acta veterinaria 56, 2-3, 181-189, 2006.
• Allopurinol and enalapril failed to conserve urinary NOx and sodium in ischemic acute renal failure in spontaneously hypertensive rats, Radović M, Miloradović Z, Popovic T, Mihasiolović-Stanojević N, Jovović D, Tomović M, Colak E, Simić-Ogrizović S, Djukanović L, Am J. Nephrol 26;388-399, 2006.
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• Zorica Rasic Milutinovic, Gordana Perunicic Pekovic, Danijela Ristic Medic, Tamara Popovic, Maria Glibetic, Dragan M. Djuric, Insulin resistance and chronic inflammation are associated with muscle wasting in end stage renal disease patients on hemodialysis, special Issue Gen.Physiol.Biophys , 28, 184-189.,2009.
• Tamara Popovic, Marija Ranic, Predrag Bulajic, Miroslav Milicevic, Aleksandra Arsic, Vesna Vucic and Marija Glibetic, Effects of n-3 supplementation on Plasma Phospholipids Fatty Acid Composition in Patients with Obstructive Jaundice-A Pilot Study, J.Clin. Biochem. Nutr., 45,1-6, 2009.
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Vol. 62, No. 2, 2010, 403-408.
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• Hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects of buckwheat leaf and fl ower mixture in hyperlipidemic rats Maja Đurendić Brenesel, Tamara Popović, Vladimir Pilija, Aleksandra Arsić, Miljan Milić, Danijela Kojić, Nikola Jojić, Nataša Milić, Bosn J Basic Med Sci 2013; 13 (2): 2-10 ISSN 1512-8601.
• The effects of omega 3 fatty acids supplementation on brain tissue oxidative status in aged wistar rats, Avramovic N, Dragutinovic V, Krstic D, Colovic MB, Trbovic A, de Luka S, Milovanovic I, Popovic T, Hippokratia 2012, 16,3, 241-245, ISSN 1108-4189

Analyze of articles:
Formar scientific work and research of dr Tamare Popović cover: study of bichemical, heamodinamic and parameters of oxidative stress, examination of changes in fatty acids composition in phospholipids of plasma i tissues in experimental models and in humans.
Important part of scientific work and activity of dr Tamare Popović was focused on studing esential hypertension and acute renal failure in experimental SH models of rats (esential hypertesion). Function of physiology activated supstances such as alopurinol, enalapril and rapamicyn was examined on experimental modes of SH rats and Heymann nephritis. From this field of research two articles were published in top scientific journals. These findings and results were the basic for further examination of nitroxyl-anion in physiological responses of cardiovascular system and were the subject of Master theses od dr Popovic.
Multidisciplinarity in science led dr Tamaru Popović in field of lipidology, and examination of changes in lipid parameters specialy profiles of fatty acids in phospholipids in plasma in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2, liver diseases, obstructive jaundice, in cancer of prostate as well as in patients in hemodialized states and end stage renal disease. Connection of parameters of oxidative stress, decreased serum paraooxonase and HDL-cholesterol, as well as percentage representation of linoleic acid linolne and docosahexanoic fatty acid (DHA) in plasma phospholipids in patients with diabetes are significant in patogenesis and prevention diabetes mellitus 2. Special field of research od dr Popovic which must be highlight are basic studies of effects of fish oil supplementation on fatty acids profiles of phospholipids in plasma and liver, biochemical parameters in plasma and parameters of oxidative stress and its correlations in experimental model of aging ( young and aged Wistar rats). From this bailiwick Dr Tamara Popović done PhD theses, and these results were published in three scientific international journals, of which one is leading international journal.

Participation of dr Tamare Popović on Congressis :
• Hemodynamic and histological alteration after hematocrit changes in rats., Djurdjica M. Jovović, Zoran Z. Miloradović, Nevena D. Mihailović-Stanojević, Tamara B. Aleksić., Acta biologiae et medicinae experimentalis, Vol 27, number1, Suppl 2002.
• Combined both endothelin and Ang2 blockade reduces mean arterial pressure and fails to improve postischaemic acute renal failure, Miloradović Z, Jovović Dj., Mihailović-Stanojević N, Popović T, Jerkić M., Belgrade (Military Medical Academy and Zrenjanin(Tehnical College), 7-9.11. 2003.
• Effects of FeSOD on haemodynamic parameters in spontaneosly hypertensive rats., Aleksić T, Jovović Dj, Miloradović Z., Mihailović-Stanojević N, Spasić M., oral presentation, DFS,Kragujevac, Faculty of science 28-29th May 2004.
• Developing ischaemic of acute renal failure in spontaneously hypertensive rats., Dj Jovović, N. Mihailović-Stanojević, Z. Miloradović, T.Popović, J. Dimitrijević, M. Radović, Journal of Molecular Medicine, Vol79,number2-3,April 2001.
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• Biochemical consequences of acute NO blockade and ET-1 infusion in Wistar rats., T. Popović, Dj.Jovović, Z. Miloradović., N. Mihailović-Stanojević, Journal of Hypertension, Vol21 (suppl 4), 2003.
• Combined endothelin and A2 blockade reduces mean arterial pressure and fails to improve postischemic acute renal failure., Z. Miloradović, Dj.Jovović, N. Mihailović-Stanojević, M.Jerkić, T.Popović., 8th Annual Meeting of ECCR, PH.09, October 10-12, 2003.
• Strong NO blockade abolishs effects of both bosentan and losartan in postischemic acute renal failure (ARF)., Z.Miloradović, Dj.Jovović, N.Mihailović-Stanojević, T.Popović, M.Jerkić, Journal of Hypertension, Vol22(suppl 1), 2004.
• L-Arginine and vitamin C improve haemodynamic parameters in SHR with ischeamic acute renal failure(ARF)., Djurdjica Jovović, Zoran Miloradović, Nevena Mihailović-Stanojević, Tamara Popović, Siniša Vukobratović., 51th Congress ERA-EDTA, May15-18,Lisbon, Portugal, Abstract book, SPO34.,2004.
• Effects of FeSOD on heamodynamic parameters and oxidative status in SH rats., T.Popović, Dj.Jovović, Z.Miloradović, N.Mihailović-Stanojević,M.Spasić., Journal of Hypertension, Vol 23 (suppl 2), 2005.
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• Comparative effects of L-arginine and losartan on hemodynamic parameters in SHR rats, The 21st Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension, October 15-19, 2006, Fukuoka, Japan., Abstracts PO3-93, Jelica Grujić Milanović, Zoran Z. Miloradović, Nevena D. Mihailović-Stanojević, Tamara B. Aleksić, Djurdjica M. Jovović, Institute for medical research, Serbia.
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• Tamara Popovic, Jasmina Debeljak Martacic, Aleksandra Arsic, Sebastian Kujundzic, Marija Glibetic, Mirjana Pavlovic, Fatty acid composition in milk samples present on the Serbian market, Prague 15th-19th september, 2008, Abstract book, page 58.
• Jasmina Debeljak Martacic, Tamara Popovic, Aleksandra Arsic, Sebastian Kujundzic, Mirjana Pavlovic, Maria Glibetic, Disparities in presentation of fatty acid composition in dairy products in European food composition databases (FCDB), Prague 15th-19th september, 2008,Abstract book, page 57.
• Postic M, Blezencic-Mladenovic V, Popovic T, Ristic-Medic D, Perunicic G, Pljesa S, Glibetic M, Hypotrigliceridemic effect of supplementation with seed mixture rich in alfa linoleic acid in patients on hemodialysis. Scientific conference Nutrition, treatment and Cardiovascular risk management, Novi Sad,abstract book 59, 2007.
• First Congress of Food Supplements with the international participation, under the Auspices of Department of Sport, Ministary of Education and Sport Ministry of Health of Serbia, 15-17 March, Belgrade, Serbia, 2007.
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• Mirjana Gurinovic, A. Kadvan, M. Glibetic, R Novakovic, D.Ristic Medic, G. Petrovic Oggiano, V, Vucic, J. Tepsic, T. Popovic, A. Arsic, M.Ranic, Nutrient intake and adequacy assesment in children: Presentation and data extraction from a grey literature source relevant to Eurreca-JUSAD study, Eurreca Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, 8-12th June, 2009.
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• Tamara Popovic, Suncica Borozan, Aleksandra Arsic, Jasmina Debeljak-Martacic, Vesna Vucic, MArija Glibetic, Efekti n-3 suplementacije na parametre oksidativnog stresa u jetri starih pacova Wistar soja, Mitohondrije i slobodni radikali-perspektive, knjiga sazetaka P40, Farmaceutski fakultet, Beograd, 2011.
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• Popović T, Borozan S, Arsić A, Debeljak-Martačić J, Vučić V, Glibetić M, Efekti n-3 suplementacije na parametre oksidativnog stresa u jetri starih pacova wistar soja, Mitohondrije i slobodni radikali u biomedicini, 2011. Zbornik sazetaka, str P40,
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2014 –
Published articles:

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• The effects of n-3 fatty acids intake on PON1 activity and fatty acid status in type 2 diabetic patients – A pilot study Zorica Rasic-Milutinovic, Tamara Popovic, Jasmina Debeljak-Martacic, Gordana Perunicic-Pekovic, Suncica Borozan, Danijela Ristic-Medic, Milena Lackovic, Maria Glibetic ,El Mednifico Journal, 2014, 2 (4), 328-333.

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