Aleksandra Arsić, Phd, Research Associate


Institute for Medical Research
Center of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism
Tadeuša Košćuška 1
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Telefon: +381-11-3031997

Aleksandra Arsic MSc, PhD, Research Associate is a biochemist. Since 2000, she works at Institute for medical research in Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism. She is a scientist who is actively engaged in investigation of nutrition and metabolism and the role of lipids and fatty acids in healthy population and pathological conditions. One of the fields of research is the change in fatty acid composition of serum phospholipids in premature infants during neonatal life. Her interests also are the study of the effect of of fatty acid suplementation on plasma phospholipids fatty acid in different diseases. Her PhD thesis has the focus on the phospholipids fatty acid profile in serum and erythrocyte in female players and their oxidative status. Up to now, she has over 60 published papers, abstract and reports in national and international peer reviewed journals. She is member of a number professional associate in country: Physiological Society Serbia, Serbian Chemical Society, Biochemical Society of Serbia and the Serbian Society for mitochondrial and free-radical physiology.


• Physiological Society Serbia,
• Serbian Chemical Society,
• Biochemical Society of Serbia
• Serbian Society for mitochondrial and free-radical physiology.

√ 4th Meeting of UNU/SNC Network for Capacity Development in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe + Capacity development Eurreca training workshop for Non-Eurreca members (November, Belgrade, 2008)
√ Food composition database management system, Eurofir meeting Belgrade, februar 9-10, 2008
√ Diabetes and CVD (EASD Study group) 3rd annual meeting, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
√ Second congress of Endocrinology in Serbia with international participation, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
√ DSP chromatography workshop: qPCR workshop, Torlak, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
√ DSP chromatography: Tips amd Tricks Seminar, hotel M, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
√ 1st FCUMBERA workshop Food Safety and Health effects of food, Belgrade, Serbia, 2011.

License recorded as Intellectual property dr Aleksandra Arsić (M90 category)

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English, Russian

Participation in Government Projects of Ministry of Science of Serbia

• Development of new therapeutic methods in prevention and treatment of liver diseases – role and mechanism of polyunsaturated fatty acids (MNTRS 145071) (2006-2010)
• Biological mechanisms, nutritional intake and status of PUFA and folates: Improvment of food in Serbia (MNTRS III41030) (2011-2014)
• Functional products on the basis of grain designed for persons with metabolic disorders (TR 31029-6) (2011-2014)

European projects: FP6:

• European Food Information Resource network (EuroFIR)
• EURopean micronutrient RECommendations Aligned (EURRECA) FP6-036196-2

International cooperation

• Dr Aleksandra Arsić is participant in two International projects OP6.
1. From january 2008. she is participant in FP6 project EURRECA Network of Excellence (EURopean micronutrient REComendation Alignment) financed by European Commision, FP6, Contract number 036196. As a result of this cooperation were published two papers.
• In international cooperation she work on Eurreca project and specialized in several courses:
♦ Micronutrient Bioavailability: Priorities and challenges for setting dietary reference values. Joint Workshop hosted by EURRECA and the ILSI Europe Addition of Nutrients to Food Task Force. 11-12 June 2009, Barcelona, Spain.
♦ EURRECA SoE/IA2 Media Training: Nutrition Software. 11 June, 2009 Barcelona, Spain.
♦ EURRECA RA2 Workshop Data extraction for narrative reviews and meta-analysis, 10 June 2009, Barcelona, Spain
2. Second project in which dr Aleksandra Arsić was engaged was EuroFIR, FP6 Project Frame (2006-2009). She participate in creation of Serbian food composition database of the most used groceries in Serbia- Food composition database (FCDB) is Serbia.
Achived cooperation with Hospitals and Institutes in Belgrade and Serbia
– Department of endocrinology and nephrology, Clinical Hospital Center, KBC Zemun (2000- 2014 )
-Clinic of Neonatology, (2006-2009)
-Institute of Food Tehnologies Novi Sad (FINS) (2011-2014)

Published scientific articles:

Ristić Medić D., Ristić V., Arsić A., Poštić M., Ristić G., Blaženčić Mladenović V., Tepšić J. “Effects of soybean D-LeciVita product on serum lipids and fatty acid composition in type 2 diabetic patients with hyperlipidemia”, Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular diseases 2006; Vol.16, Issue 6: 395-404
• Blaženčić-Mladenović V., Glibetić M., Tepšić J., Ristić-Medić D., Poštić M., Arsić A., Ristić V.,“ How much are children and their parents objective about the children’s eating behaviour and body composition?” European Eating Disorders Review 2006; Vol. 14: 248-255
• Ristić V, Tepšić V, Ristić Medić D, Peruničić G, Rašić Z, Poštić M, Arsić A, Blaženčić-Mladenović V, Ristić G. Plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acid composition in Serbian hemodialysed patients. Renal Failure: 28: 211-216, 2006
• Nikolic M., Ristic Medic D., Stanic D., Postic M., Arsic A., Niketic V. Dietary lipid intake influences the level of cholesterol bound to haemoglobin in human erythrocytes. European Journal of Nutrition 2008; 47: 123–130
• Takić M., Ristić-Medić D., Mandić Lj., Glibetić M., Arsić A., Debeljak-Martačić J., Petrović-Oggiano G. N-3 polyunsaturated acids in erythrocyte phospholipids are associated with insulin sensitivity in obese patients on a typical Serbian diet. Archives of Biological Sciences 2009; 61: 37-43.
• Tepsic J, Vucic V, Arsic A, Blazencic-Mladenovic V, Mazic S and Glibetic M. Plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acid profile in professional basketball and football players. European Journal of Applied Physiology 2009, 107: 359-365
• Arsic A, Prekajski N, Vucic V, Tepsic J, Popovic T, Vrvic M and Glibetic M. Milk in human nutrition:comparison of fatty acid profiles, Acta Veterinaria (Beograd) 2009,59: 569-578
• Popovic T, Ranic M, Bulajic P, Milicevic M, Arsic A, Vucic V and Glibetic M. Effects of fatty acids supplementation on plasma phospholipids fatty acids composition in patients in obstructive jaundice-a pilot study. Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 2009, 45:370-375
• Arsić A, Vucić V, Tepsić J, Mazić S, Djelić M, Glibetić M. Altered plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acid profile in elite female water polo and football players. Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism 2012, 37:40-47
• Hermoso M, Vučić V, Vollhardt C, Arsić A, Roman-Vinas B, Iglesia-Altaba I, Gurinovic M, Koletzko B. The Effect of Iron on Cognitive Development and Function in Infants, Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review. Annals of Nutrition and metabolism 2011, 59:154-165
• Rasić-Milutinović Z, Popović T, Peruničić-Peković G, Arsić A, Borozan S, Glibetić M. Lower Serum Paraoxonase-1 Activity Is Related to Linoleic and Docosahexanoic Fatty Acids in Type 2 Diabetic Patients. Archives of Medical Research 2012, 43:75-82
• Popović T, Borozan S, Arsić A, Martačić JD, Vučic V, Trbović A, Mandić L, Glibetić M. Fish oil supplementation improved liver phospholipids fatty acid composition and parameters of oxidative stress in male wistar rats. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 2012, 96:1020–1029
• Popović T, Borozan S, Arsić A, Debeljak-Martačić J, Vučić V, de Luka S, Milovanović I, Trbović A, Glibetić M. Effects of n–3 Supplementation on Plasma and Liver Phospholipid Fatty Acids Profile in Aged Wistar Rats. Croatica Chemica Acta 2011, 84:73–79 M23
• Vucic V, Tepsic J, Arsic A, Popovic T, Debeljak-Martacic J, Glibetic M. Fatty Acid Content of Vegetable Oils and Assessment of Their Consumption in Serbia. Acta Alimentaria 2012, 41:343-350
• Arsic A, Vucic V, Prekajski N, Tepšic J, Ristic-Medic D, Velickovic V, Glibetic M. Different fatty acid composition of serum phospholipids of small and appropriate for gestational age preterm infants and of milk from their mothers. Hippokratia 2012, 16:230-235
• Tepsic J, Vucic V, Arsic A, Mazic S, Djelic M, Glibetic M. Unfavourable plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acid profile in elite amateur boxers. European Journal of Sport Science 2013,13:414-421
• Ristić-Medić D, Dullemeijer C, Tepsić J, Petrović-Oggiano G, Popović T, Arsić A, Glibetić M, Souverein OW, Collings R, Cavelaars A, de Groot L, Van’t Veer P, Gurinović M.Systematic review using meta-analyses to estimate dose-response relationships between iodine intake and biomarkers of iodine status in different population groups. Nutrition Review 2014, 72:143–161
• Ristic-Medic D, Perunicic-Pekovic G, Rasic-Milutinovic Z, Takic M, Popovic T, Arsic A, Glibetic M.Effects of dietary milled seed mixture on fatty acid status and inflammatory markers in patients on hemodialysis. Scientific World Journal 2014 Jan 22; 2014: 563576. doi: 10.1155/2014/563576

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