Marija Takić, PhD, Research Associate


Address for Correspodence:
Institute for Medical Research
Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism
Tadeuša Košćuška 1
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
phone (381 11) 3031997
mob (381 64) 3052 558

1997-2002 Biochemistry, Faculty of chemistry, University of Belgrade,
Serbia, B. Sc
2002-2010 Biochemistry , Faculty of chemistry, University of Belgrade,
Serbia, MSc, Thesis title: Fatty acid composition and insulin sensitivity in obese patients
2010-up today Biochemistry, Faculty of chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia, PhD studies

2002- up today Researcher, Institute for Medical Research, Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and
Metabolism, University of Belgrade, Serbia
National Scientific Projects funded by Serbian Research Funds (2002- up today)

– member of research team:
“ Nutrition as morbogenic and prophylactic factor “ 2002-2006
“ Develpoment of new terapeutic strategies in prevention and treatment of liver diseases: role and mechanisms of polyunsaturated fatty acids “ 2006-2010
‘’ Biological effects, nutrition intake and status of folate and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and: Improvement of nutrition in Serbia’’ 2011-up today

International projects

OP6 ‘’EuroFIR” (European Food Information Resource Network) (2006-2009)


Mirela Budeč, Vesna Koko, Vera Todorović, Dragana Marković, Marija Poštić, Neda Drndarević, Anđelka Spasić, Olivera MitrovićPossible mechanism of acute effect of ethanol on intestinal IgA expression in rat. International Immunopharmacology, 7(6): 858-863; 2007
Milan Nikolic, Danijela Ristic Medic, Dragana Stanic, Marija Postic, Aleksandra Arsic, Vesna Niketic. Dietary lipid intake influences the level of cholesterol bound to haemoglobin in human erythrocytes. Eur J Nutr 47:123–13; 2008
Ristić-Medić D, Ristić V, Arsić A, Poštić M, Ristić G, Blaženčić- Mladenović V, Tepšić J. Effects of soybean D-LeciVita product on serum lipids and fatty acid composition in type 2 diabetic patients with hyperlipidemia. Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases.16: 395-404; 2006
Nastasijevic Ivan, Nastasijevic Branislav, Postic Marija, Mitrovic Radmila, Lozance Olivera, Vrvic Miroslav Investigation of action of peroxoacetic acid on lipid component of bacterial spores and contribution to the standardization of efficiency evaluation test. ACTA VETERINARIA-BEOGRAD 55: 147-160; 2005
Ristić V, Tepšić V, Ristić-Medić D, Peruničić G, Rašić Z, Poštić M, Arsić A, Blaženčić-Mladenović V, Ristić G. Plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acid composition in Serbian hemodialyzed patients. Renal Failure 28:211-216; 2006
Blaženčić- Mladenović V, Glibetić M, Tepšić J, Ristić-Medić D, Poštić M, Arsić A, Ristić V. How much are children and their parents objective about the children’s. Eating behaviour and body composition. European Eating Disorders Review 14: 248-255; 2006
Ristic-Medic D, Suzic S, Vucic V, Takic M, Tepsic J, Glibetic M. Serum and erythrocyte membrane phospholipid fatty acid composition in hiperlipidemia: effects of dietary intervention and combined diet and fibrate therapy. General Physiology and Biophysics, Proceeding paper, Special issue vol. 28: 190-199; 2009
Takić M., Ristić-Medić D., Mandić Lj., Glibetić M., Arsić A., Debeljak-Martačić J., Petrović-Oggiano G. N-3 polyunsaturated acids in erythrocyte phospholipids are associated with insulin sensitivity in obese patients on a typical Serbian diet. Archives of Biological Sciences 61: 37-43; 2009

Poster presentations

Ristić G, Ristić-Medić D, Tepšić V, Arsić A, Poštić M, Petrović G, Ristić V, Suzić S, Pavlović M : Relationship body weight with serum glucose and lipid levels in free living elderly people 9th European Nutrition Conference, Rome, October 2003
Poštić M, Ristić-Medić D, Arsić A, Glibetić M : Erythrocyte fatty acid composition in obese patients with hyperlipidemia, XIV International Symposium on Atherosclerosis, Rome, June 2006
Arsić A, Ristić-Medić D, Poštić M, Tepšić J, Glibetić M : Plasma fatty acid composition in overweight patients with hypertriglyceridemia, XIV International Symposium on Atherosclerosis, Rome, June 2006
Budeč M, Marković D, Poštić M, Koko V, Todorović V, Drndarević N, Mitrović O, L- NAME prevents acute effect of thanol on immunoglobulin A expression in rat Intestine, 16TH European Congress of Immunology, Paris, September 2006

Dr Maria Glibetic




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