Marina Nikolić, Statistician


Address for Correspodence:
Institute for Medical Research
Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism
Tadeuša Košćuška 1
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 113281564
Mob: +381 641870064

October 2010- present: MSc student at Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Master thesis: The importance of statistics in medical education. Choosing and application of statistical tests.
September 2009: BSc in Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Serbia

January 2010 – present:
Employed as tatistician at the Institute for Medical Research, Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism
– Data on the growth and development of children in North Backa by the standards of the World Health Organization.
– Data processing and analysis to assess the adequacy of intake and status of certain micronutrients in Europe within the project EURRECA
– Processing of numerous surveys conducted by the Institute for Medical Research on dietary habits and the need for training professional staff in Central and Eastern Europe
– Statistical analysis off all data collected by Department of Nutrition and Metabolism needed for evaluation of results for further publications
– Market research reports and analysis of food consumer and food retailing industry in the Chance FP7 project

January, 2009 – September 2009:
– Volunteer work on creating the first Serbian electronic database on the composition of foods: analytical input data on micronutrients present in food in Serbia.
– Statistical analysis of input data and the development and testing computer applications for the conversion of daily nutritional food intake.

November, 2005 – March 2007: Clerk to process a database of insured persons in the Belgrade government institution in the Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance, a subsidiary of Belgrade. Work on the intake, processing and analysis of data on registration and cancellation of the insured employees, maintaining a database and training of young associates.

EC FP6 and FP7 projects:

EURRECA (Micronutrient Recommendations Aligned European Network of Excellence)
BaSeFood (Sustainable exploitation of bioactive components from the Black Sea Area traditional foods), and the Integration Project of the Ministry of Science for the project period 2011-2014 NO: 41030 – The biological mechanisms, nutritional intake and status of polyunsaturated fatty acids and folate: Improving nutrition Serbia
CHANCE (Low cost technologies and traditional ingredients for the production of affordable, nutritionally correct foods improving health in population groups at risk of poverty)
Involved in research activities and liaison between IMR and other institutions: NCDE CEE (Network for Capacity Development in Nutrition in CEE), academic institutions in Serbia and abroad, Small and Medium enterprises, media etc.

The presented abstracts
Novakovic R, Cavelaars AEJM, Bekkering E G, Roman B, NGO J, Gurinovic M, Nikolić M, et al. Micronutrients intake and status in Central and Eastern Europe as compared to other European countries, results from the EURRECA network. (submitted)
Romana Novaković, Marina Nikolić, Mirjana Gurinović, Marija Glibetić; Identification of unhealthy dietary habits specific for population at risk of poverty; CEEFood Congress, Novi Sad, Serbia, May 2012.
Mirjana Gurnović, Marija Djekić-Ivanković, Zvonimir Šatalić, Marina Nikolić, Irena Colić Barić, Irena Keser, Matea Ivković, Marija Glibetić; Comparation of two food composition database in estimating folate intake among young women; CEEFood Congress, Novi Sad, Serbia, May 2012.
Romana Novaković, Stefania Chillo, Sara Garduni Diaz, Marina Nikolić, Marija Glibetić, Mirjana Gurinović, Alessandra Bordoni, Santosh Khokhar; Harmonized information on existing knowledge of diet-related problems among the risk of poverty (ROP) populations; CEEFood Congress, Novi Sad, Serbia, May 2012.
Romana Novaković, Adriënne Cavelaars, Marianne Renkema, Joy Ngo, Blanca Roman Viñas, Mana Golsorkhi, Marisol Wharton Medina, Anna Brzozowska, Anna Szczecinska, Iris Iglesia Altaba,Anouk Geelen, Diederik de Cock, Pieter van’t Veer, Lisette C.P.G.M. de Groot, Lluís Serra Majem, Marina Nikolić, Luis A. Moreno, Christophe Matthys, Maria Glibetić, Mirjana Gurinović; Systematic review: socioeconomic and cultural determinants of low micronutrient intake and status within Eurreca network, Conference FENS, Madrid – October 2011 (paper submitted).
Marina Nikolić, Romana Novaković, Marija Glibetić, Mirjana Gurinović, Identification of population groups at-risk-of-poverty and malnutrition in Europe, European Nutrition Conference FENS, Madrid – October 2011
Marija Đekić Ivanković, Katarina Šavikin, Marina Nikolić, Stefan Menković, Darko Petrović, Jovana Mihajlović, Boris Henčić, Mirjana Gurinović, Marija Glibetić, Dietary habits and lifestyle among university students in Serbia, European Nutrition Conference FENS, Madrid – October 2011
Šatalić Zvonimir, Gurinović Mirjana, Glibetić Maria, Novaković, Romana, Nikolić Marina, Arne Oshaug , Nutrition education needs in Central and Eastern Europe, World Congress of Public Health, Porto – September 2010
Gurinović Mirjana, Glibetić Maria, Kadvan Agnes, Novaković Romana, Nikolić Marina, Šatalić Zvonimir; Diet quality in Serbia: differences between ‘’blue’’ and ‘’white’’ collar families, World Congress of Public Health, Porto – September 2010

Trainings and workshop
December 2011: Tempus project “Master programme in applied statistics” MAS
Workshop in Methodology of Teaching Statistics, University of Novi Sad
May 2011: International Society for Clinical Biostatistics National Group of Serbia training module: Statistics in biomedicine – understand, apply and use.
January 2011: Focus-Balkan training module, Scientific Writing and Publishing, Improving skills for publishing results of the food consumer research, Belgrade
April 2010: Meta analysis workshop for EURRECA project participants, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands
March 9-12 2010: International workshop for agricultural research and development, ‘’Development of Thematic Knowledge Networks’’, Budapest, Hungary.
June 2010: Regional Workshop for Food Composition Data Base Development Belgrade, Training for establishment of regional food composition database using a Web application that was created at the Institute according to standards EuroFIR Project.
November 11-13, 2009: 5th meeting of The UNU/SCN Network for Capacity Development in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe (NCDNCEE)- Belgrade, Serbia: Training on capacity development in nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe
May 25-26, 2009: Software for planning nutrition: training for participants EURRECA Project, Institute for Medical Research, Belgrade

pplication of softwares: Laboratory equipments and associated software
Microsoft Office
SPSS 17.0


– Member of International Society for Clinical Biostatistics National Group of Serbia
– Member of ethics comity of Institute of Medical Research


Fluent in written and spoken English

Dr Maria Glibetic




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