ISRHML Member Spotlight: Dr Marija Djekic-Ivankovic

Member Spotlight is a monthly series for the ISRHML Trainee Blog designed to highlight the talent of TIGers around the world. Each month, one ISRHML trainee member will be selected and featured so we can get to know more about him or her and what he or she is doing within the field of human milk and lactation research. This month, we meet Dr. Marija Djekic-Ivankovic, PhD and pharmacist, who studied vitamin D in a joint program at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and McGill University, Canada.  Read more…


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Trans Fatty Acids

Report from ”Trans Fatty Acids in Diets: Health and Legislative Implications” workshop, held in Zagreb, Croatia, 9-10 April, 2013

Beneficial effects of exercise…

…after morning breakfast on our mental performance and mood

A recent study by a research team from the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre of Northumbria University, UK,  conclude that the combination of breakfast and morning exercise has a beneficial effect on mental performance and mood during the day…read more…

Romana Novakovic – PhD thesis defence

Romana Novakovic successfully defended her PhD thesis in Wageningen on 2 July.
watch the video of thesis defend…

Dr Maria Glibetic




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