FAO – World Food Safety Day 2020

This year, on the second observance of World Food Safety Day (7 June 2020), we all have a chance to recognize the people who help keep our food safe. Following the success of the 2019 campaign, this year is also about promoting awareness and urging action by highlighting what everyone can do to ensure food safety. Read more…

WHO – World Food Safety Day 2020

The second World Food Safety Day (WFSD) will be celebrated on 7 June 2020 to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development. Read more…

Future-proofing safe trade during Covid-19

Expert webinar on future-proofing safe trade: STDF partners share latest COVID-19 updates. Read more…

COVID-19 and obesity

EASO (The European Association for the Study of Obesity) about COVID-19 and obesity.

COVID-19 can cause more severe symptoms and complications in some people living with obesity, the elderly and individuals with some other chronic health conditions. Read more…

FAO – Breaking news – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Read more…

WHO updates on COVID-19

The latest updates on coronavirus disease outbreak. Read more..

News from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Updated COVID-19 Projections data visualization. Read more…

WHO/Europe – Food and nutrition tips during self-quarantine

In order to support individuals in eating healthy during self-quarantine and isolation, WHO/Europe has prepared a set of general tips, a list of “best food buys” and a few examples of recipes for inspiration. Read more…


 UNSCN Secretariat has prepared a short questionnaire to understand the changes people are making in their everyday life due to the impact of COVID-19. Please follow the link…

FAO reccomendarions – COVID 19

COVID-19 and food safety: guidance for food businesses

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